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OA Week 2020 Event: Impacts of Openness

A conversational panel with members of the Harvard community

Published onOct 13, 2020
OA Week 2020 Event: Impacts of Openness
<p>“Impacts of Openness” poster with panelists and their topics. Created by Julie Goldman.</p>

As part of Harvard Library’s celebration of Open Access Week 2020, join us for Impacts of Openness: Exploring Pressing Questions about Access to Knowledge — an online-only, conversational panel with members of the Harvard community discussing current considerations, benefits and challenges of open scholarship for research, teaching and learning.

All are welcome to attend!

Projects under Discussion


  • Natascha Chtena, Editor-in-Chief, HKS Misinformation Review

  • Kelly Fitzpatrick, Research Associate, Harvard Law Library Innovation Lab, H2O

  • Xihong Lin, Professor of Biostatistics, Harvard School of Public Health, and Professor of Statistics, Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences, COVID-19 Research

  • Mitch Nakaue, Scholarly Communication Librarian, Houghton Library, Harvard Library Bulletin

Special Guests

  • Ceilyn Boyd, Research Data Program Manager, Digital Strategies and Innovation at Harvard Library

  • Monique Lassere, Digital Archivist, Houghton Library

  • Pablo Morales Henry, Senior Developer and Archivist for Born-Digital Materials, Schlesinger Library

  • Jess Rios, Service Design and Assessment Librarian, Harvard Law School Library

Sponsored by the Harvard Library Office for Scholarly Communication; Harvard Graduate School of Education, Gutman Library; Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Library & Knowledge Services; Harvard Medical School, Countway Library of Medicine; Digital Strategies and Innovation, Research Data Management Program. 

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