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OA Week 2020 Event: Impacts of Openness

A conversational panel with members of the Harvard community

Published onOct 13, 2020
OA Week 2020 Event: Impacts of Openness

“Impacts of Openness” poster with panelists and their topics. Created by Julie Goldman.

As part of Harvard Library’s celebration of Open Access Week 2020, join us for Impacts of Openness: Exploring Pressing Questions about Access to Knowledge — an online-only, conversational panel with members of the Harvard community discussing current considerations, benefits and challenges of open scholarship for research, teaching and learning.

All are welcome to attend!

Projects under Discussion


  • Natascha Chtena, Editor-in-Chief, HKS Misinformation Review

  • Kelly Fitzpatrick, Research Associate, Harvard Law Library Innovation Lab, H2O

  • Xihong Lin, Professor of Biostatistics, Harvard School of Public Health, and Professor of Statistics, Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences, COVID-19 Research

  • Mitch Nakaue, Scholarly Communication Librarian, Houghton Library, Harvard Library Bulletin

Special Guests

  • Ceilyn Boyd, Research Data Program Manager, Digital Strategies and Innovation at Harvard Library

  • Monique Lassere, Digital Archivist, Houghton Library

  • Pablo Morales Henry, Senior Developer and Archivist for Born-Digital Materials, Schlesinger Library

  • Jess Rios, Service Design and Assessment Librarian, Harvard Law School Library

Sponsored by the Harvard Library Office for Scholarly Communication; Harvard Graduate School of Education, Gutman Library; Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Library & Knowledge Services; Harvard Medical School, Countway Library of Medicine; Digital Strategies and Innovation, Research Data Management Program. 

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